About Orange Lutheran Online

A leader in Christian online education for more than a decade, Orange Lutheran Online (OLO) brings the Orange Lutheran experience and incredible flexibility to students on campus and worldwide. With over 50 courses to choose from in a wide variety of disciplines, including core courses that are NCAA and UC-approved as well as honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, OLO makes obtaining a high school diploma more convenient than ever before.

Students may enroll for a single course, a combination of online and on-campus classes, or as a full-time online student. Online summer courses are also available. Our courses are designed to meet iNACOL standards for quality online courses and are taught by our own teachers, who are held to the same high expectations as our on-campus instructors. All OLO courses mirror the academic structure and teaching methods of traditional classroom learning, but with a convenient and flexible format.

Private School Affidavit Confirmation

Orange Lutheran Online (OLO) offers classes approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and University of California (UC) system.
Orange Lutheran is operated as an exempt school under the provision of NRS 394.211 and as such is exempt from the provisions of the Private Elementary and Secondary Authorization Act.
Orange Lutheran also files the annual Private School Affidavit Confirmation for the California Department of Education re: Education Code Section 48222 certifying that this is…a private full-time…school…[that]…offer[s] instruction in the several branches of study required to be taught in public schools of the state,…[that offers this] instruction…in English [, and that keeps]…attendance [records].

Enrollment Options

Full-Time Online

An Orange Lutheran High School diploma is attainable to a prospective student from anywhere in the world. A student can choose to earn all their high school credits through our online course options. A fulltime online student takes three or four courses at a time since OLO classes are accelerated 8-week semesters. A student completes a yearlong course in 16 weeks, so a typical student completes three courses in the fall term and three courses in the spring.

Orange Lutheran Online runs two terms during the academic school year (fall and spring) and one summer term. Each term is comprised of two semesters, each semester lasting eight weeks. If you live locally, it is also possible to earn a Visual Performing Arts, Physics or Athletic Performance credit by taking one class per semester on-campus.

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Blended students take a maximum four on campus classes and a minimum of three online classes during the school year at a lower tuition rate. Blended students must go through the regular campus reenrollment process each year before applying to the Blended program. Click here to apply to Orange Lutheran and begin the regular campus admissions process.

Once accepted as an Orange Lutheran student, the following must be completed and submitted to the OLO office:

Please return the above document to the Online Office or email to Ariel Gjersvold.

Blended Student Requirements:

  • A 2.5 GPA (on-campus and online), both cumulative and in the semester before becoming Blended
  • Campus Counselor Approval (will be obtained by the Blended Academic Advisor)
  • Sophomores through seniors must take and pass Health with a “B-” or higher prior to becoming a Blended student
Tuition Comparisons (Based on Annual Plan)
Blended Tuition 2020-21 Compared to Full-Time On-Campus Tuition 2020-21
Association: $12,500 Association: $15,575
Non-Association: $14,340 Non-Association: $17,450
Sample Schedules (mid-day periods 3, 4, 5, 6 cannot be requested)

Red Day

Period 1: Math
Period 3: World Language
Period 5: Elective
Period 7: Science


1st Semester: Theology & English
2nd Semester: History


Red Day

Period 1: Elective
Period 3: Math

White Day

Period 2: World Language
Period 4: Science


1st Semester: Theology & English
2nd Semester: History

Single Course

Non-OLu Students

Single Course Students are defined as students who take an online class, but do not attend Orange Lutheran and do not belong to one of our Partnership Schools. Generally, Single Course Students take classes for enrichment or for remediation. Tuition for Single Course Students is $475 per course.

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Current OLu Students

On-campus students can also take a single online course to free up their campus schedule for extracurricular activities. There are no additional tuition costs for current on-campus students taking online courses during the fall and spring terms.

Current OLu students may apply to take single courses by clicking here.

Summer Courses

All courses are offered during an eight-week summer session, as long as at least three students are registered for each class. Tuition is $475 per course, payable prior to the start of the session.

Online Dual Credit Options

Online dual credit classes offer students an opportunity to earn college credit while demonstrating the pursuit of a passion outside of the confines of the master bell schedule. Electives are the main focus of these selections. Three or four college credits can be earned over a 15-week semester or 7-week semester, based on specific school standards, as well as a year of high school elective credit. The college credit is directly applicable to Concordia University Wisconsin and Grand Canyon University and may be transferrable to other colleges.


Spring 1, 2020

January 13-March 8

Spring 2, 2020

March 16-May 17


Summer 1, 2020

June 8-August 2

Summer 2, 2020 (non-OLu students only)

July 29-August 23

Fall 1, 2020

August 17- October 11

Fall 2, 2020

October 19- December 13

Spring 1, 2021

January 11- March 7

Spring 2, 2021

March 15 – May 16