Busing Route

Orange Lutheran provides busing to and from Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Tustin for a nominal charge. Information for pickup locations, times and fees can be found in the South Route FAQ page (opens in a new window). The student must be signed up on the permission form (opens in a new window) prior to riding the South Route Bus.

Behavior Expectations in Buses and Vans

Busing and Shuttle service is a privilege, and students are required to remain seated, face forward, keep hands, arms, and other body parts inside the vehicles at all times, talk quietly, be respectful to the driver and other passengers, and adhere to all school expectations. Students may lose the busing or shuttle service privilege for failure to abide by the behavior expectations.


Parents interested in setting up a carpool for their student should fill out the Carpool Interest Form (opens in a new window). Families will be matched up with other families by zip code and can then coordinate carpools to and from school with each other.

Sears Shuttle Service

Orange Lutheran provides a shuttle service between the rear parking lot of Sears (corner of Meats and Canal) and Orange Lutheran for students who either park there or are dropped off by their parents. Parental permission is required prior to the student riding the shuttle.